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The land of the rising sun

Hisashiburi Desu Ne! a phrase that you used when you haven’t seen someone for a while. And even though it’s only little over a week, it already feels an eternity. Because for the past week a lot has changed in my life.

A trip that only took about a day, felt like I’ve been on the road for a full week. And for those who followed my facebook some have known that this journey went not so smoothly than my first trip in 2013. So here is my full report on my trip, The land of the rising sun.

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Travel adapters and their mysteries

”The best way
to learn, is from
your mistakes.”

It’s a saying that many people use and most of the time it’s true. And for me it’s mostly for the most stupid and smallest mistakes you can think of. An example of one of these small mistakes that I have been through, has everything to do with travel adapters.

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Tokyo week 3, The End

My third and Final week in tokyo and Japan was A week of a dubble feeling. I was so tired, but I still wanted to do So much.

I went to the emperial Garden, There I met other GenkiJAC friends. On my way there I had the chance to see Tokyo station. A really nice station that was damaged in the Great Kanto earthquake.

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Fukuoka- Tokyo

After 21 weeks I’m going to Tokyo. There I will be following school in the GenkiJacs school for my last 3 weeks in Japan. I’m going to try to see as much as possible, if my schedule let me. so here are some last pictures from fukuoka and the first one from Tokyo.

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