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Een natte verjaardag

Ondertussen loop ik een beetje achter met mijn blogberichten. Het ontbreekt een beetje aan tijd. Maar voor al aan energie om alles bij te houden. Maar zoals je kan lezen, vandaag ga ik een inspanning doen om weer een beetje bij te werken. Maar vandaag meer over Een natte verjaardag.

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A wet birthday

At the moment I’m a little bit behind with my blog posts. I lack a bit of time. But especially the energy to keep up with everything . But as you can see, today I’m going to make an effort to update my blog a little bit. So today more about a wet birthday.

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Week 9: Totaly nothing

Week 9 was one of the most useless weeks Xd. I was so burned from the weekend that I needed to rest. I think I had a sun stroke. My head was so red, even on the top. I never had that before in my life. So I went to school and stayed inside to avoid the sun.

In between I visit the Rilakuma store. Here you can even buy a vacuum cleaner. On saterday I had a ‘date’ with a language exchange partner. It was a great shopping day, Sadly the weather was so bad on saterday (rain,rain,rain, ….)

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Week 2: Random pictures and Kego Shrine

The rest of the second week was a bit more relaxed than the trip to Nagasaki. Most of the pictures are therefore random stuff.

On Sunday I decided to go to Tenjin. (the central area of Fukuoka) I went there just to walk around to see if I could find interesting places. I also discoverd my first shrine: Kego Shrine.  Every shrine got a different purpose. This one stands for the god of Childbirth.

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