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Tokyo week 2

In my second week I tried to do a lot, At the end I visited Shibuya Crossing. There where not many people at that moment. If you want to take pictures, just go inside the starbucks and hope there is a spot at the window. I also saw the famous statue of Hachiko.

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Tokyo National Museum and UenoKoen

I went in the weekend of july six to the Tokyo National Museum. It was really nice. there were thing from all over Azie. After that I went to Ueno Koen. A park close by the museum in the middle of the park was a temple that was dedicated to the art.

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Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

11 february is a Holiday in Japan. So there was no school. We all went to Nagasaki for the day there we visited first the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum. We also went to the peace park and saw ‘Grond Zero’  I can not describe how I felt but it was the same from when I visited the Anna Frank house in Amsterdam. I think pictures say more then 1000 words.


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