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GenkiJACS deel III

Vandaag komt er een einde aan mijn uitgebreide beschrijving over GenkiJACS. Ik ga het hebben over de steden, Fukuoka en Tokyo en de soorten accommodatie waaruit je kan kiezen.

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Undokai (week 16)

A tradition in school here is to hold a Undokai, (undo, comes from the verb, to exercises). It is one day in the weekend that the  school competed in sport games;Running, dancing, ……  It was really nice to see. But the weather was a real killer. 32 degree, and the children needed to sit outside in the sun with this weather.

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Fukuoka Zoo (week 14)

On or second attempt to get to the zoo we succeeded. I was nice to see. But every zoo is almost the same.

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