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Silver week: Sasaguri

My last week at GenkiJacs (around the end of augsut) was not a study week because It was Silver week. A week where Japanese people have a few consecutive days off from work (what is pretty rare, here in Japan). GenkiJacs decided to celebrate this by organizing a two day trip to Sasaguri. Here is my late and short report on Silver week: Sasaguri.

Silver week: Sasaguri

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Lucky bags I bought

In Japan there is a new year tradition that on the first day (or sometimes the second day) of the new year shops sell mystery lucky bags to people. Theses bag, where you often do not know what is inside are sold with a really big discount. They are called 福袋(ふくぶくろ,fukubukuro)

The price of these bags start at a low 500yen-1000yen but they can go up in price you can’t even afford it. I read there was a bag you could buy, that included a 100 day around the world trip. But that one was not in my budget.

Because it was my first new year in Japan, I decided to join the shopping madness and buy myself some of these lucky bags. In this post I want to give everyone a nice overview of the Lucky bags I bought.

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The rainy Hojoya Festival

On September the 12 I decided to go to the Hojoya Festival with a group of people. Reading about this festival made me curious to witness it. At the end it became a day that I’m not going to forget easily, but not because of the festival but more for the weather.  Here my small report about this slightly  horrible day in: The rainy Hojoya Festival.

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I’ am an official alien

It’s official, I’m gigantic behind with my blog. Two weeks ago I started at the YMCA, the school where I will try to improve my Japanese skills in the coming year. But it is all much more tiring than I thought. I’m not going to make promises like “I’m gonna try to catch up”. I’m going to see when I can find the time and energy to write something. And today is that moment. Because I’ am an official alien.

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