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Japanese study books: Where to buy?

Finally!! I Virtually discussed briefly all my books. So what does this mean? This is the last post in this series about Japanese textbooks. On some subjects I have to many books and on other topics I can Maybe use some more books. Conclusion I can’t take all these books with me. I already reach my limit on my luggage’s weight. So which books di I take me to Japan? In part 7, Japanese study books: where to buy?

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Japanese study books: Dictionaries

In every language you will find a variety of dictionaries. But in Japan there are more variations, than in some other countries. I think the Japanese are the emperors of dictionaries and their skill how to make them useful. Have you ever heard of an electronic dictionary? Maybe so, but the Japanese have invented the ‘ Rolls Royce ‘ of electronic dictionaries. (See later in this post). But first the ‘ordinary’ dictionary , as you and I know them. in part 6, Japanese study books: Dictionaries

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