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Momochi area

Momochi area
Not good visible fish on Fukuoka Tower

In the weekend of my birthday I decided to go to Fukuoka tower. Because my birthday was two days ago I was allowed to enter for free. I combined this with a trip to Fukuoka Citizens ‘ Disaster Prevention Center and Robosquare . The perfect day to explore my future living area. Momochi area

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Japanese study books: Kana

It is approximately 1 month before I return to Japan. In my head I am already busy making lists of things I should definitely bring to Japan. This time I’m also taking a number of books. No romantic fantasy thrillers to read on the beach but books to study. Because I’ll have to take the JLPT I decided to take a number of books with me.

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Navigate in Japan for dummies

“One person has the gift
of being able to
read maps and find
the way, the other
just has the gift of
getting lost.”

Trying to find your way in an unfamiliar city is not so easy. The first time I went to Japan I was a bit nervous. I didn’t speak the language and I couldn’t read anything. Also the stereotype image of Japanese people and their almost non-existing knowledge of English was running through my head. Before I departed I searched for tricks that could help me in case of emergency. These tips I want to share with you all. So this week I will talk about “how to navigate in Japan for dummies “.

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