Yukata Sunday

one of my goodbye activities was going to a Japanese garden in or yukata and drink tea. It was raining a lot (raining season) so no picture in the garden, but the the house was also very nice to see.

Hakata Dontaku Festival

A other big event in Golden week is Dontaku. The name Dontaku comes from the dutch word ‘Zondag’ and means ‘sunday’ or ‘holiday’. It just basicly means that people dress themself up in strange cloths and the parade true the streets of Hakata. This festival is more then 800 years old. Every year more then 2 million people come to Hakata to see this big parade, that takes up more then 5 hours in total.  at the end I had more then 2000 pic. I deleted a lot of them but I still have a bunch.


Korea Busan

To extend my stay for 3 more months in Japan the rule is that you need to go out of the country. So I did this. i went for a very short weekend to Busan, South Korea. I went with the Beedle. A strange ferry that makes the sound like you are in a plane. After 3 hours I arrived in Busan.

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Week 8: The weekend

Even the weekend is all about sakura. On saterday there was a Genkijac sakura party. It was a nice way to meet new people.

On sunday there was a festival. this was for celebrating the last day of the sakura. On the picture you can see that it started to snow sakura flowers XD.

Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine

Today  (march second, 2013) my host family and I went to Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine. This shrine is verry popular because it is decicated for asking good luck with your studying. We went early to avoid the big crowd. The weather was already verry sunny. Because of all the plum trees, you were smelling the spring.

Like my host family I also took a paper to see how much luck I had. And suprisely I had the best luck. ^^.  To give myself evenmore luck with my study I also bought a charm for studying. Lets hope all the crazy Japanese words get in my head now.