Zilver week: Sasaguri

Mijn laatste week bij GenkiJAcs (eind augustus) was geen studie week omdat het Zilverweek was. Een week waar Japanners een aantal dagen na elkaar vakantie hebben (Dat komt niet zo vaak voor in Japan) GenkiJacs besloot dit te vieren door een tweedaagse uitstap te organiseren naar Sasaguri. Hier is mijn laat en kort verslag van mijn Zilver week: Sasaguri.

Zilver week

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Silver week: Sasaguri

My last week at GenkiJacs (around the end of augsut) was not a study week because It was Silver week. A week where Japanese people have a few consecutive days off from work (what is pretty rare, here in Japan). GenkiJacs decided to celebrate this by organizing a two day trip to Sasaguri. Here is my late and short report on Silver week: Sasaguri.

Silver week: Sasaguri

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Bus trip to Takachiko, Miyazaki

The last holiday of golden week was monday, may six. After three hours we arrived in Iso-farmland. This was the biggest dissapointmend I had so far. It was a farm/shopping mall were you needed to pay for everything. I only ttook two pictures.

After that we went to Kirishima national park. It is a beautiful place with a lot of waterfalls. But because we came so late there were so many people that you would almost think you are in a big city. We were only alowed to be there for 40 min, such a shame.

After that we went quick to Miyazaki. This shrine dedicated to the shintoism. hides a cave were the sun goddess hide for a while to be save from here cruel brother.

No pictures were allow of the cave. but is was a really nice place to visit.

Beppu hot springs and Takasakiyama Monkey Park

This was the first day of Golden week. Japanese people do not really like to take vacation, So I think they have decide to put them all in one week; ‘Golden Week’.

With GenkiJac we went to Beppu. Here we first visit some warm water springs. Really the smell was just what you would think of it: rotten eggs. I was not really in the mood for eggs anymore afther that XD. We even were able to put or feet in the warm water. This was a real challenge for a lot of peple.

Afther the warm water spring we went to Umitamago aquarium. It was nice to see. but I prefer the Belgiums ones. (taking care of animals is a little different compared with Europe.) After the aquarium we went to Takasakiyama Monkey park. It is just a big mountain were a lot of monkeys are.  It was really nice to see I have take a lot of pictures. XD maybe a bit to much.