Beppu hot springs and Takasakiyama Monkey Park

This was the first day of Golden week. Japanese people do not really like to take vacation, So I think they have decide to put them all in one week; ‘Golden Week’.

With GenkiJac we went to Beppu. Here we first visit some warm water springs. Really the smell was just what you would think of it: rotten eggs. I was not really in the mood for eggs anymore afther that XD. We even were able to put or feet in the warm water. This was a real challenge for a lot of peple.

Afther the warm water spring we went to Umitamago aquarium. It was nice to see. but I prefer the Belgiums ones. (taking care of animals is a little different compared with Europe.) After the aquarium we went to Takasakiyama Monkey park. It is just a big mountain were a lot of monkeys are.  It was really nice to see I have take a lot of pictures. XD maybe a bit to much.

Week 8: The weekend

Even the weekend is all about sakura. On saterday there was a Genkijac sakura party. It was a nice way to meet new people.

On sunday there was a festival. this was for celebrating the last day of the sakura. On the picture you can see that it started to snow sakura flowers XD.

Week 7: the weekend

The weekend of week 7 was full. On Saturday I had again free tickets to go to a baseball game. This time there were more people. The places were cheap so you could hardly see anything, but it was so much more fun then the last time.
Ad the evening we celebrated Rin-chan here birthday because on sunday there was the Hanami Party. My very first BBQ party with sakura flowers. I was allowed to invite a few friends from school. Some other friend of the family came. It was so much fun.

Axel was populair, he became the sakura blossom king. XD


on march 20, there is a holiday in Japan, spring day. We went with the school that day to Kumamoto. You maybe now the bear with the same name, that is the mascot of it.

We fist went to a mountian. but it was so misty that we did not see anything. The trip was with  the english-school. So we had a nice group of people that could guide us. After the lunch we went to a Japanese garden. The weather was not great but it was nice to see my second garden here. The other one I saw earlyer this week.

The last stop was at Kumamoto castle. Fukuoka had also a castle like that but it was burned down. The outside was beautiful. The inside was ruined, because they wanted to make it modern.

But even though the weather was bad, it was a great day. I met a lot of new people and it was fun. Next time better weather.

Seaside Momochi and hima matsuri

This week I have done a bit more then the other weeks. On monday the weather was so good that Eva and me decide to walk to the beach. It is a  four km walk. But the sun was so nice we took the challenge. The beach really nice to see. Close to the beach is also  Fukuoka Tower and the Yahoo Doom. From today on there will be played the first round of the worldcup baseball. (and guess what?  ………….    I got a ticket to go see a match on march fith, THANK YOU GENKIJAC ^^, China vs Brazil)

This week it is also Himamatsuri, This is the girls festival. All girls give food to there dolls, so that these dolls protect the girl when she grows up. In school we made or own doll drawingg. We decided on a Pokémon themed one.

For the rest there are some random pictures of strange thing I found this week when walking around in Fukuoka