Worldcup baseball (Brazil vs. China)

GenkiJacs (The school i’m going to atm) had four free tickets to go to a match of the worldcup baseball. I never seen a match before, so I decided to go. It was Brazil against China. it was not a populair match because the teams that were going to the next round were already decided. So there were almost no people.

But still we had a lot of fun. It was a slow match, even after 3 hours it was still not finished. Se we decided to leave early. But at the end China won with 5-2.  This match was a nice introduction in baseball.

Seaside Momochi and hima matsuri

This week I have done a bit more then the other weeks. On monday the weather was so good that Eva and me decide to walk to the beach. It is a  four km walk. But the sun was so nice we took the challenge. The beach really nice to see. Close to the beach is also  Fukuoka Tower and the Yahoo Doom. From today on there will be played the first round of the worldcup baseball. (and guess what?  ………….    I got a ticket to go see a match on march fith, THANK YOU GENKIJAC ^^, China vs Brazil)

This week it is also Himamatsuri, This is the girls festival. All girls give food to there dolls, so that these dolls protect the girl when she grows up. In school we made or own doll drawingg. We decided on a Pokémon themed one.

For the rest there are some random pictures of strange thing I found this week when walking around in Fukuoka

Week 3: The first goodbye

This week was a very hectic week. We went so fast with new chapters that I was happy that I had a bit of free time. On monday I had a “date” with a language exchange student. I had a great time, next time we go try out the karaoke. This week was also a bit sad. The first 2 students from or class were leaving. I felt a bit strange after 3 weeks. So this week pictures are from or crazy Funky class.

The lantern festival

The second part of the trip to Nagasaki was visiting the Lantern festival. This festival is there to celebrate the Chinese New year.  2013 is the year of the snake. There were a lot of lantern XD. At the end we were able to see the Emperor’s walk. Sadly we did not see the festival by night. Because we already needed to leave at 5 o’clock.

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Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

11 february is a Holiday in Japan. So there was no school. We all went to Nagasaki for the day there we visited first the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum. We also went to the peace park and saw ‘Grond Zero’  I can not describe how I felt but it was the same from when I visited the Anna Frank house in Amsterdam. I think pictures say more then 1000 words.