Week 2: Random pictures and Kego Shrine

The rest of the second week was a bit more relaxed than the trip to Nagasaki. Most of the pictures are therefore random stuff.

On Sunday I decided to go to Tenjin. (the central area of Fukuoka) I went there just to walk around to see if I could find interesting places. I also discoverd my first shrine: Kego Shrine.  Every shrine got a different purpose. This one stands for the god of Childbirth.

My first week

My first week is already over. It was a tiring week, but I survived. I don’t have a lot of pictures. Most of the pictures are from my first weekend. My host-family and I went to the skatepark to relax a bit. That evening there was a welcoms party. (sadly I did not take any pictures). I also got a Japanese cell phone ^^. I hope in a few weeks I can send texts message in hiragana to my host family.